What is Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC®?

Blutec vehicle

When you’re looking for lower emissions and better fuel economy for working in the Los Angeles area, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BlueTEC® can be a great option. BlueTEC® diesel technology is safer for the environment without sacrificing power and torque. How does Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® work? Find out at Envision Motors.

How Does Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Work?

BlueTEC® diesel works differently than the standard diesel engines you’re used to driving in Riverside. Here’s how Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® works:

  1. A diesel oxidation catalyst reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons before being released into the atmosphere.
  2. A nitrogen oxide trap continues the process by removing nitrogen.
  3. A particle filter traps soot particles, then burns them off when the filter’s full.
  4. A Selective Catalytic Reduction catalytic converter changes any remaining nitrogen oxide to harmless nitrogen and water.

A variable-vane turbocharger makes for more powerful combustion. At the end of the process, AdBlue® liquid solution helps convert the nitrogen oxide to nitrogen and water. This process leads to an engine with a less harmful amount of emissions that still has ample power and torque. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BlueTEC® diesel van has the power to manage a heavy payload with ease without leaving the same amount of earth-unfriendly exhaust as a cargo van with a gas engine.

Benefits of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC®

There are so many benefits to Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® for drivers in West Covina:

  • Fuel economy is one of the most significant benefits — it’s approximately 6 to 8 miles per gallon higher than similar gas-powered vehicles.
  • You get the power your need with a smaller environmental impact.
  • You also have a large selection of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® vehicles to choose from so you can enjoy the fuel economy benefits without sacrificing style and function. From the Sprinter BlueTEC® cargo van to the E-Class, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC®.

Learn More About Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Technology

Want to learn more about what Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® can do for you? Contact the Envision Motors service center. Our Mercedes-Benz technicians are well-versed in all Mercedes-Benz technology and can help you decide if a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® is the right choice for your business needs, or if a BlueTEC®-equipped Mercedes-Benz sedan is the right car for you.